Best Online Survey Creators and Tools

updated on 10 April 2021

To gather more feedback from users you should find a suitable and handy Survey Creator,  taking into account your goals and target audience. For example, if you want to know why your customers churned — you should send them light & quick survey. This will increase the chance of feedback.

However, if you want to collect structured data (e.g. patient or employee survey) you should choose a more formal and regular questionnaire.

Our team hand-picked a comparsion list of modern Online Survey Creators and marked them by main features, restrictions, pricing and target use cases.


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Pricing & plans: Free / 8$ / 28$ per month

Surveys: 3/10/100

Questions: 10/100/Unlimited

Responses: 100/1500/10000

Use cases: customer experience, customer satisfaction, market research, product experience, employee engagement, sales growth, NPS, social research.

MetaSurvey is a light and fast survey creator for humans. Just need 1 min to set up the survey and start collecting feedback. The survey interface is clear and specially adapted for mobiles to increase the response rate. Has unique question type – Swipe Reply with the highest response rate. No boring forms. Friendly and fun. Responses collect anonymously to be privacy-friendly.

Create survey

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14-day Trial

Pricing & plans: 29$ / 49$ / 149$ per month

Surveys: Unlimited

Questions: Unlimited

Responses: 1000/2500/Unlimited

Use cases: customer experience, human resource, market research, UX/ Digital

SurveyLab is an online survey and questionnaire software. Especially for HR it has 360-degree analytics graph. Mobile adapted surveys. Has Integrations with CRM, analytics. Multi-language supports. Available for teamwork.

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Pricing & plans: Free / 35$ / 50$/ 70$ per month

Surveys: 3/Unlimited/Unlimited/Unlimited

Questions: 10 per survey/Unlimited/Unlimited/Unlimited

Responses: 100/1000/5000/10000

Use cases: customer experience, product feedback, marketing research, sales experience, employee satisfaction, NPS, lead-forms, quizzes.

TypeForm is a well-known clear form and survey builder was made for humans. You can start gathering feedback in a few minutes. Has a bunch of survey, form, quiz templates. Supports payment-question via Stripe. Has a long list of different integrations you want. Good visualization of question logic to understand better. Includes various embed views on site.

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Pricing & plans: Free / 99$ per month/ 384$ per year / 1188$ per year

Surveys: Unlimited

Questions: 10 per survey/Unlimited/Unlimited/Unlimited

Responses: 40/1000/5000/7500

Use cases: customer experience, product feedback, marketing experience, sales growth, employee satisfaction, NPS, quizzes.

SurveyMonkey is the most popular questionnaire machine with power features. Has a bunch of elaborated survey templates. Has A/B test. Supports a lot of survey customizations including custom design, progress bar, page titles, page & question numbers. Teamwork with access control. Advanced analytics including click map, trends, comparing. Accept payments. Also has different integrations. A good choice for advanced research.

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Survicate 2021-04-01 13-54-39 (1)-a4sym

Pricing & plans: Free /129$ / 229$ / 599$ per month

Surveys: Unlimited

Questions: Unlimited

Responses: 100/1000/10000/50000

Use cases: marketing insights, product feedback, customer satisfaction(CSAT), customer experience(CES), NPS.

Survicate is a professional online survey and NPS software. Has email, website embed, mobile app, chat surveys. Mobile adapted. Clear survey maker interface. Theme & design customizing. Has a bunch of different integrations. A better way for survey guru🙃

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Pricing & plans: Free /25$ / 59$ per month

Surveys: Unlimited

Questions: Unlimited

Signals*: 2500/Unlimited/Unlimited

*Signal is a response you collect via a poll, rating, vote, clap, or a question in a survey or quiz.

Use cases: product feedback, customer experience, NPS, quizzes.

Crowdsignal is a simple & easy survey creator with powerful features. Preset survey template design. Set up own survey domain. Has deep analytics to show participant location, IP, detailed each response. Has different ways to collect responses via link, email, embed, QR.
How Crowdsignal collects & calculate signals (ex. 3 questions with 3 responses = 3 signals; 3 questions with 2 responses = 2 signals).

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14-day Trial

Pricing & plans: Free / 29$ / 69$ per quarter for Personal use

Surveys: Unlimited

Questions: 10 per survey/Unlimited/Unlimited

Responses: 100/1000/10000

Use cases: customer experience, employee experience, product experience, marketing experience, sales experience, NPS.

SurveySparrow is an omni-channel experience management platform, not only surveys. Has modern & friendly survey interface and dashboard in a convenient format. Offer surveys for enterprise, NPS software, offline surveys, chatbot. Has online payments throw survey form. Has a bunch of integrations. Question & answer piping. Has own API, webhooks.

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Pricing & plans: Free / 45£ / 70£ per month

Surveys: Unlimited

Questions: 15 per survey/Unlimited/Unlimited

Responses: 10/1000/Unlimited

Use cases: customer experience, employee engagement, market research, public sector.

SmartSurvey is user-friendly survey software with advanced features. Has 20+ question types including Pro questions(e.g. NPS, Customer effort score, File upload). Multilanguage surveys. Share surveys throw link, email, SMS, embed script. Has the ability to buy responses. Word clouds for better text analysis.

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Pricing & plans: Free /19$ (1 user/month)

Surveys: Unlimited

Questions: Unlimited

Responses: Unlimited

Use cases: customer feedback, employee engagement, event & conference, product & marketing.

Responster lets you start for free with all basic functionality without any restrictions. It's a good choice for those who want just to create, share and analyze. Responster also has Pro plan including on-site capability, team collaboration, data export, custom "thank you" page, advanced analytics, question logic.

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7-day Trial

Pricing & plans: 39$ / 59$ / On Request / per month

Surveys: Unlimited

Questions: Unlimited

Responses: 400/2000/5000+

Use cases: customer satisfaction, energy efficiency assessment, lead-generation quiz, management self-assessment, online presence maturity assessment.

SurveyAnyplace is a modern survey creator that returns value through personalization. Has different case templates. You can integrate payments through PayPal in questionnaires. Has uncommon question types like a scratch card, slot machine, signature. Has advanced logic and quiz scoring. Provides various design customizations.

Which survey tool should I choose?

Just remember users don't like long and boring forms passed. You don`t want your survey to be a chore. You can choose a suitable survey creator regarding your needs, but keep your survey simple and user-friendly. Create survey

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