MetaSurvey V2 great update!

updated on 05 April 2021
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The MetaSurvey history starts from November 2019. The team of creative dudes who like the Indie Hackers movement & wish to build an amazing Tool has created Tinder-style Exit Surveys MVP that helps reduce churn.

Since July 2020, the team has decreased (2 team members left), but we continue to believe to make a great Tool🦾🦾 So we decided to make Easy Surveys for humans.

1 March 2021 we officially shipped MetaSurvey V2!

What's new?

MetaSurvey Panel 2 has been completely redesigned to create brilliant surveys and quickly analyze respondent results.

Features in details

MetaSurvey Panel currently supports Desktops only
MetaSurvey Panel currently supports Desktops only

Surveys support both Mobile and Desktop interfaces, but, the design was specially adapted for perfect display on Mobile screens.

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