Reduce churn rate with beautiful Exit-surveys

Understand the reason why your customers left. Give them a reason to return back. Reduce churn and app uninstalls!

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Exit survey

How It Works

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    Create a survey

    Run a simple and friendly survey to help your customers change their minds and return back to use your product.

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    Share survey with customers

    Redirect your customers to a survey immediately when they unsubscribe.

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    Collect and analyze

    Collect responses to improve your customer satisfaction and detect a churn reason.

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    Reduce churn

    Get to know what's going wrong and kill the churn reason. Lead your customers back and make them be satisfied with your product!

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With MetaSurvey I get user feedback, reduce churn, and improve PocketTube. Most simple & cool surveys on the market!

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Dmitry Nabok

Founder at PocketTube.
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