Boost your E-shop sales with Swipe surveys

Learn what your clients do (don't) want to buy. Close the gap between customer expectations and your goods. Start getting more orders! 

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How It Works

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    Create a survey

    Run a survey to understand your customers' choices about your goods or service. Then highlight the demand or start a promotion on the low-priority things.

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    Share survey with customers

    Send your survey a unique link to customers or share on Twitter or Facebook.

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    Collect and analyze

    Gather feedback and get to know the optimum way to reach more sales. Explore your customers' feelings. 

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    Boost your sales and get more happy custommers

    Close the gap between customer expectations and your delivery. Increase your sales and customer satisfaction!

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MetaSurvey brings a whole new level of survey experience to the market. 

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Alexander Isora

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