Find target audience for your games using NPS and Swipe

Find out who they are. Get quick insights from your players. Use mobile-adapted Net Promoter Score® and Swipe. Get high response rate.

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How It Works

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    Create a survey

    Run a simple survey including NPS to better prioritize game development. Prevent content leakage to turn on password access. Use our NPS template or create from scratch. 

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    Share survey with gamers

    Share in Twitter or Facebook group, or deliver with WebView. Swipe cards are fun to take!

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    Get feedback. Analyze

    Learn what your gaming audience desires and needs. Adapt your game to meet their expectations. Gather and prioritize features & bugs.

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    Satisfy players. Deliver welcomed updates

    Improve communication with the game players by bringing attention to their feedback. Make the most hoped-for updates!

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