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Create Light and cool Surveys, NPS, Polls. Get Response rate up to 90% . 1-min to start. Effectively research users and customers. Return subscribers. Convert users to pro and motivate them give more feedback! 

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  • 90% avg. completion

    No matter 1, 5, or 20 questions - the Response rate remains the same!

  • 37.4K surveys passed

    More than 9600 finished surveys over last 2 months

  • 582 customers

    Created their cool surveys from product launch on ProductHunt

Easy + Quick+ Fun = Highest Response Rates % on market.

10 seconds to take!

7 clean & shiny Question types. Friendly adapted for Phones & Tablets

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  • A/B tests

    Binary Tinder-style swipe cards and colorful quiz-style answers to perform user tests


    Fully customizable stars, smiles or numbers scale to quickly rate your Service or Product 


    Classic NPS Score in a cleaner, smarter design, adapted for Mobiles

  • Comments

    Fast & clean forms to gather comments. Thank users with custom Goodbye message!

  • Solutions

    What needs can MetaSurvey work for:


      Stop creating a product for your mom. Find out what the customers need. Collect & prioritize feature requests.


      Get to know the optimum way to reach more leads. Explore your customers feelings about your product or service.

    • Customer Feedback

      Get feedback from your customers to measure & elevate your customer satisfaction. Understand what they want more and tune your service in the best way.


      Collect clients requirements and close the gap between customer expectations and your delivery. Preserve your sales weaknesses.


      Get to know what your employee do (don't) like. Create employee engagement / satisfaction surveys and start getting valuable staff feedback!  


      Get operative insights - reduce churn and drive growth. Mobile-adapted Net Promoter Score® with high response rates.

    Easy Panel + Light + Clear stats = MetaSurvey Panel 2

    Power features

    Try for free! Fast & enjoyable surveys. High completion rates, Mobile adapted! 

    • Easy Builder 2

      Accurate and smart interface lets you launch surveys with 2-clicks. Create, modify, analize on Laptop or Desktop.

    • Mobile Surveys

      All Surveys look great both on Mobile & Desktop. But, design was specially adapted for perfect display on Mobile / Tablet sreens (320px+)

    • Upload Images

      Make surveys eye-catching by simply adding images or small gif-videos! Supported: JPG, PNG and GIF videos!

    • bot`

      Goodbye Message

      Thank users/customers after they finish your surveys. Write your own Goodbye message as a reward for completion.

    • Skip logic

      Now users can Skip questions any time, starting from Step 2. Collect data, even if user passed 1 question!

    • Questions Library

      7 unique Question types. From classic NPS to modern Tinder-swipe cards. Create survey of your dream!

    • droid^

      Password protection

      Put a Password on your surveys to prevent ideas, art, or screenshots leakage. Turn Privacy on/off any time.

    • bot`

      Custom Branding

      Add app/company logo in Survey header. You can also add custom Help tooltip or company message.

    • droid^

      Redirect to URL

      Redirect users to your website or any URL after they finish your surveys. And get leads.

    • Templates

      Specially tailored Templates for most common usage. Create survey in 1-click.

    • droid^

      Data Export (CSV)

      Export survey Statistics & Comments data on your device CSV format. (Beta)

      MetaSurvey Panel 2

      Helps you create, modify and analize surveys rocket-fast and super-fun. Start for free!

      • Dashboard
      • Dashboard 6
      • Dashboard 2
      • Dashboard 3

      Smart Analytics

      Collect and track survey statistics & comments
      • Survey design

        • Clear interface
        • Configure on the go
        • Create & edit questions
      • Analytics

        • Summary stats
        • Max values highlighted
        • Questions completion rate
        • Each step details
      • Comments

        • Simple & light table
        • Sort by date or text
        • Empty comments hidden

      Blog & Tips

      5 Pro tips to Increase Survey Response Rate %

      Simple but essential recommendations from MetaSurvey to tune your Survey to get more user involvment and higher Response Rate (RR).
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      MetaSurvey 2 Huge Update !

      After 6 moths of hard work, we are finally ready to present you largest MetaSurvey update ever.
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