Build Tinder-style surveys

MetaSurvey lets you know what your customers think with Tinder-style mobile experience, easy-to-use survey builder.

Get insights to improve your product


    Lets you know why your customer quit

    How your customer feels while interacting with Ui / Ux

    Instantly get insights from survey data.

Use Tinder-style cards to dramatically increase engagement

Customers are not interested in taking your surveys. But they will do take the MetaSurvey.

  • Simple and Fun

    Even leaving users will enjoy taking your surveys because they are fun and pleasure to take.
  • Unlimited surveys

    Know why your users churn and improve your app. Create as many surveys as you need.
  • Create an engaging survey for a SaaS, mobile app, Chrome Extension, or desktop application.

    Get analytics

    MetaSurvey allows you to gather and track statistics from your surveys in a simple way:

    • Dashboard

      • Clear interface
      • Edit & delete surveys
      • Mobile support
    • Survey stats

      • All-in-one page
      • Each step details
      • Summary table
      • User comments
    • Access

      • Send survey link to users
      • Edit active surveys
      • From phone or tablet

    Easy to create, nice to pass

    Have a look at the surveys created using MetaSurvey.

    The Economics of E-Loyalty

    "…increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%."

    Frederick F. Reichheld and Phil Schefter

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