Plus add-on FAQ

Plus add-on FAQ

Plus add-on FAQ

  1. What does the Plus add-on offer?

The Plus add-on provides lifetime plan owners with additional features:

  • Removing Character Limit

  • Direct Google Sheets Integration

  • Unlimited Folders

  • Team access (coming soon)

  1. How much is the Plus add-on?

$15/month. This is the final price including tax and VAT for your country.

Please note, as new features are added to the Plus add-on, the price may increase. Purchasing now locks in the current price until you cancel.

  1. How to buy the Plus add-on?

You can buy the Plus add-on by following this link. I'll then manually upgrade your plan upon receiving notification of your purchase. No need to message me separately. Thank you for your support! 🫶

  1. Can I cancel the Plus add-on?

Yes, you can cancel anytime by messaging me. Your plan will revert to your current lifetime plan without the Plus add-on features.

  1. Why did you choose a subscription model?

As the sole maker of MetaSurvey, I aim to continually improve the product and implement feature requests. Monthly revenue helps me sustain and support my livelihood and expenses.

  1. But I already purchased a lifetime plan. Shouldn't it be included?

When you buy a MetaSurvey license, you're investing in the existing functionality. Many new features and improvements are provided to lifetime users for free! However, certain features that require substantial effort are part of the Plus add-on.

  1. Why isn't it included by default?

The Plus add-on features involve significant development efforts, thus, it's offered separately.

  1. If I don't get the Plus add-on features, I might leave a negative review!

You have the freedom to leave a review, but it affects my motivation to update the product. I appreciate your patience and support.

  1. I only need one feature, not all. Can I get a custom plan?

If you require a specific feature and not others, I can create a custom plan for you. Just send me a message through the in-app chat.